Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Tidbits For The Day... It's Yom Kippur!

-Yes everyone, it's Yom Kippur, which means that I have to fast all day tomorrow... but to make up for it, I get to eat like crazy tomorrow night! I've already made a great Apple Brown Betty! But enough talking about food, I might get hungry...

*And now on to some tidbits:

-Can Josh Brolin get a nomination for W.? Oliver Stone's controversial film comes out next week, but early reviews say that Josh Brolin is deserving for an Oscar nomination for playing the one, the only Dubya. And it's chances are starting to look good! Just the other night, the W. premiere was star studded, as pointed out by Pete Hammond (, with such stars as Bill Maher, Paul Haggis, Al Pacino, Martin Sheen, Diane Lane, Maria Bello, Jodie Foster, Jonah Hill, James Brolin, and Barbara Streisand all there. And even Academy prez himself Sid Ganis was there as well. Is that a sign of things to come considering it was a "near-unanimous thumbs up" at the premiere as well?

-Entertainment Weekly is "Recall[ing] the Gold!" This past week, EW sent out ballots to 7,000 film industry professionals and insiders, many of whom are Academy members themselves, asking them to "re-vote" years later to see if in fact the winners have held up over the years. But it gets even better, every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the year, anyone can vote online from one year's race and see, if out of the five nominees, if the same winner would be picked today just like years ago. And when "Recall the Gold" is over, EW will tally all the results of both the readers of EW and and the 7,000 industry pros and insiders. Pretty cool EW, I just wonder what the Academy will think of it?

-Lately, I don't think you can go one day in life now without hearing the name Sarah Palin at least five times a day, and Tina Fey thrown in there at least one or two times in that five! Well, my friend recently sent me an article on how Palin and politics made TV better, and it's actually very interesting -

-And still on the topic of Sarah Palin, the guys over at The TV Zone had some fun with wondering what would happen if Sarah Palin came face to face with "Sarah Palin"... -

-Life On Mars is premiering tomorrow, and ABC is promoting the hell out of this show, and for example, ABC and the NY Daily News have teamed up to create this (it's actually pretty cool) -

-And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE! The company said it actually wants only 5 presents - the top 5 world-changing ideas submitted to the Project 10^100. In a statement, the company said it was "asking our users to send us exciting ideas for ways to improve people's lives," adding that it has "committed $10 million to turn up to five of the best ideas into reality." The company said that an idea could use technology or not, could be big or small, but it must have an impact. The 100 best ideas will then be identified, and users will be asked to vote on which ideas the company should back with funds.

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