Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Richard Jenkins Is The Man!

The amazing Richard Jenkins has a few new videos on the popular site Funny Or Die for a little webseries called "Hollywood Tales with Richard Jenkins" in which he reflects on his experiences in big name films with big names stars... when he wasn't one really. Richard Jenkins is beyond funny, you just have to see it to believe it! And while you're at it, buy or rent The Visitor! All I can say is, Richard Jenkins is the man! Check it out!

See more Richard Jenkins videos at Funny or Die

See more Richard Jenkins videos at Funny or Die

See more Richard Jenkins videos at Funny or Die

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vedy Vedy Interesting...

I just saw this on CNN a few moments ago and I thought it was worth posting it here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"The Real One?..."

It has finally happened! Sarah Palin was on SNL last night, and I have to say, nice head bopping Sarah!

But I think it's great that Sarah came on and had some fun making fun of herself. If only Alec Baldwin memorized his lines... but oh well, it was still funny! And SNL recieved its HIGHEST RATINGS in 14 years. Wow!

"All the mavricks in the house put your hands up. All the plumbers in the house put your pants up."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Analysis For My Best Picture Nominee Predictions For October.

Hey everyone, so as promised, here is my analysis for my Oscar nominee Best Picture predictions for the month of October. I will try to do this every month until the Oscar nominees are announced, and of course as we get closer to the day when the nominations are announced, more and more of the films will have been out in theaters and then we will all be able to get a real gist of where the contenders stand in this race! And so far this looks like one hell of an interesting race! And later on in other posts, I will break down my Acting, Writing, and Directing predictions.

So anyway, lets get to it!

For best picture, I had Revolutionary Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Slumdog Millionaire, Changeling, and Rachel Getting Married as my top five nominees. It is a very surprising list as I have left off such films as Milk, Doubt, and Frost/Nixon and placed Slumdog Millionaire, Changeling, and Rachel Getting Married in their places. But I feel like Milk, Doubt, and Frost/Nixon will be more of acting showcases then of best picture nominees. But I do have a reason to my madness for my top five, and really I based most of my top five off of recent Oscar trends, as well as the recent trailers and reviews that have come out for these movies. But here is how I rank them for now.


1. Revolutionary Road - With the new International trailer out, this movie looks phenomenal. This movie is the adaptation of Richard Yates well-known book, and I'm sure many Academy voters have read this book since it came out back in 1961, and maybe some can relate to it as well. The movie takes place in 1955 and focuses on Frank and April Wheeler (DiCaprio and Winslet), who move into suburban Connecticut and realize that they are different from their neighbors and they don't want to fall into the cliches of the typical, boring, everything the same suburban life. I will admit that I am in the middle of reading Richard Yates's book, and so far I have to say, it is a tough book to adapt to the screen, but after seeing the trailer and knowing that Sam Mendes is in charge, I think it will turn out great. I am so glad to see Leo and Kate reunite again after Titanic, which leads me to my number two selection...


2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - This will be the "big-budget film" nominee, and think of this like Titanic, which is ironic because it will be going up against Revolutionary Road, which stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. But anyways, first of all, the trailer is major eye candy, and Brad Pitt looks great in this film. With a budget of $150 million, TCCOBB is based off of the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald which follows a man who was born in his 80's and ages backwards. TCCOBB is the tale of this man and the people and places he discovers along the way. This will be one movie not to forget, and I'm sure the Oscars will have open arms for this film when it is released during Christmas time.


3. Slumdog Millionaire - It was the little film that made a big impact lately at the festivals last month, and many critics naming it one of the top five best pictures that will be shown in the year. Fox Searchlight Pictures has acquired the rights for this film, and they have tended to do quite well with the Oscars in the past year with recent Best Picture nominees such as Sideways, Little Miss Sunshine, and Juno. But not only would I compare this movie to those Fox Searchlight royality films, I would also compare Slumdog to Letters From Iwo Jima. No, Slumdog is not a war movie, but like Letters, most of the movie is not in the English language, though it's director speaks English. For Letters, Clint Eastwood was the director and it was mostly in Japanese, and for Slumdog, Danny Boyle is the director and a lot of the movie is in Hindi. So Slumdog may be the "foreign language nominee" of the year, but it also may be that film that everyone loves nominee, just like how Fox Searchlight's past best picture nominees were.


4. Changeling - With the recent mixed reviews on this film in the past weeks, I've moved Changeling down to number 4 and have kept it in my top five mainly because it is a Clint Eastwood film and it stars Angelina Jolie. I would like to think of this film as Atonement from last year - you either loved it or you hated it, but the Academy was going to nominate it regardless. And so far with Changeling, you either love this film or you don't love this film, but simply, the Oscars love Clint and Angelina will bring in viewers (and Angelina going head to head with Brad, it's just what the Oscars need if they want to their viewership to go up, because they really need it up, and this is the year to do it!), so I think we will see this nominated "regardless."


5. Rachel Getting Married - Call me crazy, I know, but I think this will be the "indie comedy" that gets nominated this year. Yes, unlike Slumdog Millionaire, and past "indie comedy" nominees, it is not from Fox Searchlight, it is from Sony Picture Classics though. And with the recent success of this film with both critics and box office alike, this film should really be considered much higher when it comes to predicting the nominees for Best Picture. Last week in it's opening weekend, RGM scored an outstanding $32,597 per theater, and it was only in 9 theaters last weekend. Unbelievable! Anne Hathaway has a brand new image in Hollywood from this movie and she is now being considered a "lock" for her amazing performance as Kym, the sister from hell who arrives at her sister's wedding after being released from rehab. The movie also comes from Jonathan Demme, who is very well known among voters considering he won for Best Director for The Silence of the Lambs, and maybe the Oscars will want to nominate this film because of how different this film is from all the other films that have premiered this year.


So there you have it, my reasoning to my madness. Soon, I will have my analysis for my Acting nominee predictions, as well as Writing and Directing.

TV Roundup - Life On Mars, Kath & Kim, Crash, and The Starter Wife

Yes, I will mostly write about movies, but here and there I will try and write some tv (which I have done already).

Life On Mars

Wow, what a great pilot episode! Jason O'Mara will be big one day! I was blown away by this pilot! This pilot has been one of the strongest pilots I've seen in a while (drama wise...). This might just be the best new drama series since Mad Men, and it definetly has that nostalgic tone like Mad Men.

And also, what a great supporting cast. Harvey Keitel was a knock-out in his role as the boss of the precinct in 1973. I would not be surprised if he wins the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series next year. This is a perfect tape for him (unless he has a better tape soon that will top this one...) that could give him the gold. Plus, it doesn't hurt to be a familiar name as well... (It recently worked for Dianne Wiest...).

Gretchen Mol was delightful as the lone female dectective in the department. She adds a very nice flavor to the show. And Michael Imperoli was solid in this episode. I think the writers will give him better material to work with later on in the series.

And of course Jason O'Mara, who will be one helluva breakout star in the next couple of years (James Bond anybody?). This guy is a phenomenal actor. I remember him from Men In Trees (when it was a fairly good show at one time...) and The Closer, and I am so glad that he finally has a lead role. I would like to call him the Jon Hamm of the year!

The scene when Sam (O'Mara) first saw the twin towers was very powerful. And then I had a few laughs when Sam was wondering where his cell was, the the guy responds "you want to sell what?" And of course, the writing for this show was so top-notch. I can't wait until next week's episode!

And also, it was nice to see Phyllis Somerville in a nice short role! I hope she will come back later on in the show! Also, did anyone think that that one detective in the 2008 scenes looked and seemed like Morgan Freeman? I literally had to do a double-take! But overall, what an amazing show! ABC has me coming back craving for more! ABC has another hot show on their hands! I really hope that this show doesn't get screwed up down the long road because this show is amazing. Now I am really curious to see the original pilot with the different cast as well as the British version!

Kath & Kim

I gotta say, I had higher expectations for this show. The commercials looked funny, but it was really only those scenes in the commercials that were funny in the entire episode, and after seeing it like a million times on tv, they weren't that funny anymore. I love Molly Shannon and Selma Blair had her moments, but the writing wasn't that great. It was subpar. Kath & Kim really needs to step it up writing wise if they want to stay on that NBC Thursday Night Comedy Block, because if K&K continues to be "kinda" funny week after week, then it's not going to make it, but I do see potential, and right now the only thing keeping this show on its feet are its stars, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. They are great as their characters, but they unfortunately have to work with not so great writing. I really hope it gets better because I would love to see Molly Shannon get recognized for this, but the writing has to be there, and its not right now... I will watch again next week, or should I say I will tivo it next week and watch whenever I have any free time at all, and maybe I am making too quick of an assumption, but maybe the second episode will be better. Who knows?


I kinda wish this was better, but really, this is an ensemble show, so it really to be expected... The true standout in this show though was Dennis Hopper, as he plays Ben Cenders, the freaky, "off-the-wall" jerk of a music producer who has been around a while. You immediately want to hate Ben (Hopper), especially in his first scene. Ben is simply the biggest jerk anyone would ever meet, and some, no most of his decisions are very shocking (may I mention threatening someone while holding a knife to their throat). But still, Hopper makes his character Ben what he is, and this is why Dennis Hopper is such a great actor! Other than Hopper, there really isn't any big name actors in this show, but two other actors really stood out in this show, and they were Jocko Sims (who is great in his scenes with Hopper) and Moran Atias (who stood out in her scenes when her storyline wasn't that great). The first two episodes are online on Starz's website, which is how I viewed them, but I only got a chance to see the first episode. The show definetly has potential, but it is starting out low so far, and apparently the second episode is worse than the first. But nonetheless, there are some money shots in this show, and really the only interesting storyline to follow in this show is the storyline of Ben (Hopper) and Anthony (Sims). The second interesting storyline would be the interesting relationship between the irresponsible and immature police officer Kenny (Ross McCall) and the woman he irresponsibly crashed into and arrested, Inez (Atias), who is truly a standout in her role. Though the storyline is, well, dumb, and could be played out better, Moran Atias makes this storyline interesting and steals the spotlight from McCall, who really should be replaced by another actor, but too late now... All the other storylines in the show, like the former gang-member turned EMT who unwillingly gets dragged back into the gang life from which wants to get as far away as possible from to the high-class, trophy-wife who has to fake a smile to the public while her life is crumbling away, it's really not that interesting. Definetly watch the first episode to see if this show is your cup of tea, but really, the only reason to watch this show week after week would be for Dennis Hopper and Jocko Sims (and Moran Atias).

The Starter Wife

I have to say, the miniseries was better, but there is a ton of potential for this show. Debra Messing is great as always and Judy Davis is still a riot! The show really goes deep in to the high-class society of Hollywood, and the pressure to keep up appearances. Molly (Messing) is trying to find out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and writing seems to be her answer so far, but after the flop of her children's book, it is her gossip-y journal that may be the one that makes her big, but it gets stolen, and instead a blogger posts some juicy secrets that Molly wrote down in her journal and are released on a Perez Hilton-like blog. Also, her ex-husband, which by the way I don't get why they completely recasted him for the series, is not doing so well, as he gambles on very stupid decisions, like investing all of his money on a terrible movie and selling his house, and he still thinks that he is a better parent than Molly, though he is clearly not. And then Judy Davis's character, Joan McAllister, is going through a rough time with her trying to stay sober and then her marriage, which isn't what it used to be. Judy Davis is such a wonderful actress, and she really takes this show to a whole other level. She won rightfully won the Emmy last year when The Starter Wife was a miniseries, and she deserves to be nominated again. The Starter Wife "The Series" wasn't terrible, but it could have been better, and I wish they kept most of the same elements in the show from the miniseries, like Molly's original ex-husband, or actually, this is really stupid, but Joan's house. I remember it being on the beach and it was actually a really cool house, but now they have her living in a more conventional, high-class house. Oh well... But also, I like those movie-recreation scenes. It is something different, but also it shows how Molly really was living in a fantasy world before and she is now getting a taste of reality while still living in the "dream world."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Tidbits For The Day... It's Yom Kippur!

-Yes everyone, it's Yom Kippur, which means that I have to fast all day tomorrow... but to make up for it, I get to eat like crazy tomorrow night! I've already made a great Apple Brown Betty! But enough talking about food, I might get hungry...

*And now on to some tidbits:

-Can Josh Brolin get a nomination for W.? Oliver Stone's controversial film comes out next week, but early reviews say that Josh Brolin is deserving for an Oscar nomination for playing the one, the only Dubya. And it's chances are starting to look good! Just the other night, the W. premiere was star studded, as pointed out by Pete Hammond (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/season/2008/10/how-w-plans-to.html), with such stars as Bill Maher, Paul Haggis, Al Pacino, Martin Sheen, Diane Lane, Maria Bello, Jodie Foster, Jonah Hill, James Brolin, and Barbara Streisand all there. And even Academy prez himself Sid Ganis was there as well. Is that a sign of things to come considering it was a "near-unanimous thumbs up" at the premiere as well?

-Entertainment Weekly is "Recall[ing] the Gold!" This past week, EW sent out ballots to 7,000 film industry professionals and insiders, many of whom are Academy members themselves, asking them to "re-vote" years later to see if in fact the winners have held up over the years. But it gets even better, every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the year, anyone can vote online from one year's race and see, if out of the five nominees, if the same winner would be picked today just like years ago. And when "Recall the Gold" is over, EW will tally all the results of both the readers of EW and and the 7,000 industry pros and insiders. Pretty cool EW, I just wonder what the Academy will think of it?

-Lately, I don't think you can go one day in life now without hearing the name Sarah Palin at least five times a day, and Tina Fey thrown in there at least one or two times in that five! Well, my friend recently sent me an article on how Palin and politics made TV better, and it's actually very interesting - http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/detail?blogid=24&entry_id=31111.

-And still on the topic of Sarah Palin, the guys over at The TV Zone had some fun with wondering what would happen if Sarah Palin came face to face with "Sarah Palin"... - http://weblogs.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/blog/2008/10/snl_fake_palin_to_meet_real_pa.html

-Life On Mars is premiering tomorrow, and ABC is promoting the hell out of this show, and for example, ABC and the NY Daily News have teamed up to create this (it's actually pretty cool) - http://www.nydailynews.com/news/1973/

-And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE! The company said it actually wants only 5 presents - the top 5 world-changing ideas submitted to the Project 10^100. In a statement, the company said it was "asking our users to send us exciting ideas for ways to improve people's lives," adding that it has "committed $10 million to turn up to five of the best ideas into reality." The company said that an idea could use technology or not, could be big or small, but it must have an impact. The 100 best ideas will then be identified, and users will be asked to vote on which ideas the company should back with funds.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Even Better Trailer For Revolutionary Road!

Hey Guys, sorry I haven't been able to post in a while. I swear, this is the most hectic time of my life right now, but anyways there is a new trailer for Revolutionary Road... and it's even better than the original!

Though this trailer for the first part is narrated in Swedish, the rest is all in English, and it is so much better! This trailer even shows a little bit of Kathy Bates. I couldn't find the "embed" link, but here is the site in which you can view it! - http://www.aftonbladet.se/webbtv/noje/article3481785.ab

I am so excited for this movie now!

EDIT: Here is the trailer without the Swedish narration.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


From The Chicago Sun-Times:

Take that, Tina: Palin wants to spoof her spoofer

October 5, 2008
BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist

It's looking more and more likely that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on ''Saturday Night Live'' -- to have some fun with Tina Fey.

As the comedian's impressions of the GOP vice presidential candidate draw laughs from Republicans and Democrats alike, a top honcho from the John McCain campaign tells me there's a debate going on about how to respond.

Some key McCain staffers are content with Palin joking about the "SNL" routines on the campaign trail -- as when scribbled "I'm not Tina Fey" on a supporter's cell phone and said she'd dressed as Fey on Halloween. But others -- including the governor herself -- think a return punch on the NBC airwaves is what's needed.

I'm hearing some sort of Palin tweak of Fey's American Express commercials is in the works.

While next weekend's ''Saturday Night Live'' will be a rerun, it is possible Palin could appear Thursday on the first of NBC's ''Weekend Update'' specials in prime time.

Otherwise, the next orginal 'SNL'' show will be broadcast Oct. 18, a little more than two weeks before the election.

The Oscarologist's OSCAR® Nominee Predictions For October!

Here are my nominee predictions for October:

Best Picture

Rachel Getting Married
Revolutionary Road
Slumdog Millionaire
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Next In Line: Doubt, Frost/Nixon

Best Actor In A Leading Role

Leonardo DiCaprio, Revolutionary Road
Richard Jenkins, The Visitor
Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn, Milk
Brad Pitt, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Next In Line: Josh Brolin, W., Benicio Del Toro, Che, Michael Fassbender, Hunger

Best Actress In A Leading Role

Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married
Sally Hawkins, Happy Go Lucky
Angelina Jolie, Changeling
Meryl Streep, Doubt
Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road

Next In Line: Kristin Scott Thomas, I’ve Loved You So Long, Shohreh Aghdashloo, The Stoning of Soraya M.

Best Actor In A Supporting Role

Josh Brolin, Milk
Robert Downey Jr., The Soloist
James Franco, Milk
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
Kodi-Smit McPhee, The Road

Next In Line: Peter O’Toole, Dean Spanley

Best Actress In A Supporting Role

Amy Adams, Doubt
Elizabeth Banks, W.
Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Rosemarie DeWitt, Rachel Getting Married
Kate Winslet, The Reader

Next In Line: Viola Davis, Doubt, Hiam Abbass, The Visitor, Frances McDormand, Burn After Reading

Best Director

Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
Clint Eastwood, Changeling
David Fincher, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Baz Luhrmann, Australia
Sam Mendes, Revolutionary Road

Next In Line: Jonathan Demme, Rachel Getting Married, Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon

Best Original Screenplay

Charlie Kaufman, Synecdoche, New York
Mike Leigh, Happy Go Lucky
Jenny Lumet, Rachel Getting Married
Thomas McCarthy, The Visitor
J. Michael Straczynski, Changeling

Best Adapted Screenplay

Simon Beaufoy, Slumdog Millionaire
David Hare, The Reader
Justin Haythe, Revolutionary Road
Joe Penhall, The Road
Eric Roth, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Best Animated Feature

Kung Fu Panda
Waltz With Bashir

Best Foreign-Language Film (top 9 short-list)

The Baader Meinhof Complex, Germany
The Class (Entre Les Murs), France
Dream Weaver: Beijing 2008, China
Everlasting Moments, Sweden
Gomorra, Italy
Revanche, Austria
Stars On Earth, India
Three Monkeys, Turkey
Waltz With Bashir, Israel

Best Documentary Film

Man On Wire
Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired
Stealing America: Vote By

Best Original Song

“All Dressed In Love,” Sex And The City: The Movie
“Down To Earth,” Wall-E
“Rock Me Sexy Jesus,” Hamlet 2
“The Story,” My Blueberry Nights
“The Wrestler,” The Wrestler

Best Art Direction

Catherine Martin, Australia
Gary Fettis & James J. Murakami, Changeling
Donald Graham Burt & Victor J. Zolfo, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Debra Schutt & Kristi Zea, Revolutionary Road
Mark Friedberg & Adam Stockhausen, Synecdoche, New York

Best Cinematography

Javier Aguirresarobe, The Road
Roger Deakins, Revolutionary Road
Claudio Miranda, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Declan Quinn, Rachel Getting Married
Mandy Walker, Australia

Best Costume Design

Patricia Field, Sex And The City: The Movie
Eiko Ishioka, The Fall
Michael O’Conner, The Duchess
Jacqueline West, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Albert Wolsky, Revolutionary Road

Best Film Editing

Tariq Anwar, Revolutionary Road
Kirk Baxter & Angus Wall, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Chris Dickens, Slumdog Millionaire
Pietro Scalia, Body Of Lies
Lee Smith, The Dark Knight

Best Makeup

Kate Biscoe, Iraina Crenshaw, Heather Plott, Mitchell Stone, & Jay Wejebe, Tropic Thunder
Carla Brenholtz, Stacey Herbert, Elaine L. Offers, & Ghislaine Sani, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
John Caglione Jr., Linda Rizzuto, Sue Robb-King, & Vicki Vacca, The Dark Knight

Best Original Score

Donald Harrison Jr. & Zafer Tawil, Rachel Getting Married
David Hirschfelder, Australia
Thomas Newman, Revolutionary Road
A.R. Rahman, Slumdog Millionaire
John Williams, Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull

Best Sound Editing

The Dark Knight
Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull
Iron Man
Quantum Of Solace

Best Sound Mixing

The Dark Knight
Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull
Iron Man

Best Visual Effects

Iron Man
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Revolutionary Road – 10 nominations
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 10 nominations
Australia – 6 nominations
Rachel Getting Married – 6 nominations
Changeling – 5 nominations
Slumdog Millionaire – 5 nominations
The Dark Knight – 5 nominations
Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull – 3 nominations
Iron Man – 3 nominations
Milk – 3 nominations
The Road – 3 nominations
Doubt – 2 nominations
The Visitor – 2 nominations
Happy Go Lucky – 2 nominations
Sex And The City: The Movie – 2 nominations
Synecdoche, New York – 2 nominations
The Reader – 2 nominations
Wall-E – 2 nominations
Body of Lies – 1 nomination
Frost/Nixon – 1 nomination
Hamlet 2 – 1 nomination
Hanc*ck – 1 nomination
Kung Fu Panda – 1 nomination
My Blueberry Nights – 1 nomination
Quantum of Solace – 1 nomination
The Duchess – 1 nomination
The Fall – 1 nomination
The Soloist – 1 nomination
The Wrestler – 1 nomination
Tropic Thunder – 1 nomination
Vicky Cristina Barcelona – 1 nomination
W. – 1 nomination
Waltz With Bashir – 1 nomination (2 nominations including Foreign Film)

*My explanations for my predictions will come later, so stay tuned!*

"I believe marriage is to remain a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers"

I really loved seeing the surprise guest Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill. Jason Sudeikis was solid as Joe Biden as well, but it was once again Tina Fey who stole show! Tina Fey is so awesome!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Julia Louis Dreyfus Is A Thief!

Remember this:

Yeah, I guess that "feud" is still going on... But you gotta love JLD! Very funny! And then Tina Fey coming in! Very funny Conan!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Has anyone seen Charlie Bartlett?

Well if you have, then you know how brilliant Anton Yelchin is! Who is Anton Yelchin you say? I'm sure you've seen him before, but most likely didn't know his name... Well first of all, if you haven't seen Charlie Bartlett, you should, it is actually a very funny movie. Not only does it star Yelchin, but also Robert Downey Jr. (this was one of his movies that came out right before Iron Man) and Kat Dennings (who is currently being noticed for her breakout role in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist). Hope Davis (who will be seen in Synecdoche, New York) also stars in the film.

The character Charlie Bartlett can easily be compared to Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller. Even though this movie depicts high school as "slummy" and everyone is practically a druggie, it is Yelchin's hilarious performance in this movie that makes Charlie Bartlett what it is!

Charlie is a very wealthy teenager who adjusts to the completely different world of public school after being kicked out of the private schools he attended. As he starts to understand the "social hierarchy," his charm and likeableness and friendliness pretty much makes him the "unofficial psychiatrist" at the school. He starts to dish out advice to his fellow students, as well as occasionally giving out prescription medicines, from which he recieves from his "personal on-call psychiatrists," in which he lies about his symptoms in order to recieve them from the psychiatrists. And along the way, he decides to take some of his own advice while trying to figure out who he really is.

And also, as I was watching this film, I couldn't stop thinking about how Anton Yelchin would make an awesome Holden Caulfield from The Catcher In The Rye. If for some reason J.D. Salinger decides to change his mind about making a movie version of The Catcher in the Rye, I can only see one person playing Holden, and that is Anton Yelchin! He is the perfect Holden Caulfield!

But anyways, I totally think that Anton Yelchin should get a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Charlie Bartlett, and I think after seeing these clips from the movie, you might agree with me as well!:


Thank you so much Ricky Gervais for mentioning me on your webpage! I am still pinching myself... I truly wish you the best of luck!

The Oscarologist!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ok, I'm Calling This Now!

Here is my outlandish statement/prediction that I am predicting right now (and I bet I'm the first):

I think Tina Fey will get an Oscar nomination next year. Say what? Yup, you heard me right. She will be co-starring in This Side of the Truth alongside Ricky Gervais (and Jennifer Garner), but I am calling this one now, I think she will get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

"Academy Award-nominee Tina Fey." It has a nice sound to it!

And here is my other outlandish prediction, This Side of the Truth will be the "Comedy pick" for that year, and the surprise one too (kinda like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine... you get the point). So, say what you will right now, but when this happens, just know that I was the [first] one who predicted it! (Or maybe it'll might bite me in the ass later on, but oh well...).

Oh and by the way,

This Side of the Truth is set in a world in which the concept of lying doesn't exist; and the story centers on a loser (Gervais) who changes his lot when he invents lying and uses it to get ahead.

Is there a way to have Amy Ryan stay on The Office for good...

...and not just as a "guest actress"?

The Contenders!

After a few months, I have finally revised the list of the contenders:



(“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
(“Revolutionary Road”)

Lead Ponies

(“Slumdog Millionaire”)

In the Running

("The Dark Knight")
(“Happy Go Lucky”)
(“Rachel Getting Married”)
(“The Reader”)
("The Road")
(“Synecdoche, New York”)
("The Visitor")

Dark Horses

(“Body Of Lies”)
(“Burn After Reading”)
(“Gran Torino”)
(“Miracle At St. Anna”)
(“Seven Pounds”)
(“The Soloist”)



Clint Eastwood for (“Changeling”)
David Fincher for (“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
Sam Mendes for (“Revolutionary Road”)

Lead Ponies

Danny Boyle for (“Slumdog Millionaire”)
Ron Howard for (“Frost/Nixon”)
Charlie Kaufman for (“Synecdoche, New York”)
Baz Luhrmann for (“Australia”)
Christopher Nolan for ("The Dark Knight")
John Patrick Shanley for (“Doubt”)
Oliver Stone for ("W.")
Gus Van Sant for (“Milk”)

In the Running

Darren Aronofsky for (“The Wrestler”)
Stephen Daldry for (“The Reader”)
Clint Eastwood for (“Gran Torino”)
Mike Leigh for ("Happy Go Lucky")
Steve McQueen for (“Hunger”)
Ridley Scott for (“Body Of Lies”)
Steven Soderbergh for (“Che”)
Andrew Stanton for ("Wall-E")

Dark Horses

Spike Lee for (“Miracle At St. Anna”)
Fernando Meirelles for (“Blindness”)
Tarsem Singh for (“The Fall”)
Joe Wright for (“The Soloist”)
Edward Zwick for (“Defiance”)



Leonardo DiCaprio in (“Revolutionary Road”)
Frank Langella in (“Frost/Nixon”)

Lead Ponies

Josh Brolin in ("W.")
Benicio Del Toro in ("Che")
Michael Fassbender in (“Hunger”)
Philip Seymour Hoffman in (“Synecdoche, New York”)
Richard Jenkins in ("The Visitor")
Sean Penn in (“Milk”)
Brad Pitt in (“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
Mickey Rourke in (“The Wrestler”)

In the Running

Daniel Craig in ("Defiance")
Robert De Niro in (“What Just Happened?”)
Leonardo DiCaprio in (“Body of Lies”)
Clint Eastwood in (“Gran Torino”)
Ralph Fiennes in ("The Reader")
Jamie Foxx in (“The Soloist”)
Dustin Hoffman in (“Last Chance Harvey”)
Philip Seymour Hoffman in ("Doubt")
Hugh Jackman in ("Australia")
Martin Landau in (“Lovely, Still”)
Viggo Mortensen in ("The Road")
Dev Patel in (“Slumdog Millionaire”)
Sam Rockwell in ("Choke")
Will Smith in ("Seven Pounds")

Dark Horses

Robert Downey Jr. in (“Iron Man”)
Harrison Ford in (“Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull”)
Jake Gyllenhaal in (“Brothers”)
Ed Harris in ("Appaloosa")
Josh Hartnett in ("August")
Ben Kingsley in (“Elegy”)
Jared Leto in (“Chapter 27”)
Viggo Mortensen in ("Good")
Lee Pace in (“The Fall”)
Alan Rickman in ("Bottle Shock")



Anne Hathaway in ("Rachel Getting Married")
Angelina Jolie in (“Changeling”)
Kate Winslet in (“Revolutionary Road”)

Lead Ponies

Shohreh Aghdashloo in (“The Stoning of Soraya M.”)
Sally Hawkins in (“Happy Go Lucky”)
Kristin Scott Thomas in (“I’ve Loved You So Long”)
Meryl Streep in (“Doubt”)

In the Running

Kate Beckinsale in ("Nothing But The Truth")
Cate Blanchett in (“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
Emily Blunt in (“The Young Victoria”)
Ellen Burstyn in (“Lovely, Still”)
Penelope Cruz in (“Elegy”)
Nicole Kidman in (“Australia”)
Keira Knightley in (“The Duchess”)
Melissa Leo in (“Frozen River”)
Julianne Moore in (“Blindness”)
Sophie Okonedo in ("Skin")
Sarah Jessica Parker in (“Sex And The City: The Movie”)
Amanda Seyfried in ("Mamma Mia")
Meryl Streep in (“Mamma Mia”)
Emma Thompson in (“Last Chance Harvey”)

Dark Horses

Summer Bishil in ("Towelhead")
Dakota Fanning in ("The Secret Life Of Bees")
Helen Hunt in (“Then She Found Me”)
Norah Jones in (“My Blueberry Nights”)
Keira Knightley in (“The Edge Of Love”)
Diane Lane in (“Nights In Rodanthe”)
Frances McDormand in (“Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day”)
Julianne Moore in (“Savage Grace”)
Samantha Morton in ("Expired")
Ellen Page in (“The Tracey Fragments”)
Natalie Portman in ("Brothers")



Robert Downey, Jr. in (“The Soloist”)
Heath Ledger in (“The Dark Knight”)

Lead Ponies

Josh Brolin in (“Milk”)
Jason Butler Harner in ("Changeling")
James Cromwell in (“W.”)
Robert Downey Jr. in (“Tropic Thunder”)
James Franco in (“Milk”)
John Malkovich in (“Changeling”)
Peter O’Toole in (“Dean Spanley”)
Liev Schreiber in (“Defiance”)
Michael Shannon in (“Revolutionary Road”)
Michael Sheen in ("Frost/Nixon")
Kodi Smit-McPhee in ("The Road")

In the Running

Jerry Adler in (“The Memory Thief”)
Alan Alda in ("Nothing But The Truth")
Jamie Bell in (“Defiance”)
Demián Bichir in ("Che")
Russell Crowe in ("Body Of Lies")
Tom Cruise in (“Tropic Thunder”)
Aaron Eckhart in ("The Dark Knight")
Dennis Hopper in (“Elegy”)
Ben Kingsley in (“Transsiberian”)
Sam Neill in ("Skin")
Brad Pitt in ("Burn After Reading")
Haaz Sleiman in (“The Visitor”)
Tom Wilkinson in ("RocknRolla")

Dark Horses

Kevin Bacon in (“Frost/Nixon”)
George Clooney in ("Burn After Reading")
James Franco in (“Pineapple Express”)
Bruno Ganz in (“The Reader”)
Brendan Gleeson in ("In Bruges")
Danny Glover in (“Blindness”)
Emile Hirsch in (“Milk”)
Richard Jenkins in ("Burn After Reading")
John Leguizamo in (“Paraiso Travel”)
John Malkovich in ("Burn After Reading")
Josh Peck in (“The Wackness”)
Oliver Platt in (“Frost/Nixon”)
Maximilian Schell in (“The Brothers Bloom”)
J.K. Simmons in ("Burn After Reading")
David Strathairn in (“My Blueberry Nights”)



Amy Adams in (“Doubt”)
Kate Winslet in (“The Reader”)

Lead Ponies

Hiam Abbass in ("The Visitor")
Elizabeth Banks in ("W.")
Kathy Bates in (“Revolutionary Road”)
Penelope Cruz in (“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”)
Viola Davis in (“Doubt”)
Rosemarie DeWitt in ("Rachel Getting Married")
Taraji P. Henson in (“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
Felicity Huffman in ("Phoebe In Wonderland")
Frances McDormand in (“Burn After Reading”)
Marisa Tomei in (“The Wrestler”)
Debra Winger in ("Rachel Getting Married")
Elsa Zylberstein in (“I’ve Loved You So Long”)

In the Running

Ellen Burstyn in (“W.”)
Vera Farmiga in (“Nothing But The Truth”)
Jennifer Hudson in ("The Secret Life Of Bees")
Queen Latifah in ("The Secret Life Of Bees")
Kelly MacDonald in ("Choke")
Rachel McAdams in (“Married Life”)
Bette Midler in (“Then She Found Me”)
Thandie Newton in ("W.")
Amy Ryan in (“Changeling”)
Meryl Streep in (“Dark Matter”)
Charlize Theron in ("The Road")
Emma Thompson in (“Brideshead Revisited”)
Dianne Wiest in (“Synecdoche, New York”)

Dark Horses

Amy Adams in (“Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day”)
Christine Baranski in (“Mamma Mia”)
Cate Blanchett in (“Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull”)
Mariah Carey in (“Tennessee”)
Kim Catrall in (“Sex And The City: The Movie”)
Hope Davis in (“Synecdoche, New York”)
Anjelica Huston in ("Choke")
Jennifer Jason Leigh in (“Synecdoche, New York”)
Catherine Keener in (“Synecdoche, New York”)
Alicia Keys in ("The Secret Life Of Bees")
Sienna Miller in (“The Edge Of Love”)
Samantha Morton in (“Mister Lonely”)
Samantha Morton in (“Synecdoche, New York”)
Cynthia Nixon in (“Sex And The City: The Movie”)
Sandra Oh in (“Blindness”)
Sophie Okonedo in ("The Secret Life Of Bees")
Elisabeth Shue in ("Hamlet 2")
Tilda Swinton in (“Burn After Reading”)
Tilda Swinton in (“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
Carice van Houten in (“Body Of Lies”)
Julie Walters in (“Mamma Mia”)
Emily Watson in (“Synecdoche, New York””)
Michelle Williams in (“Synecdoche, New York”)



(“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)
(“Revolutionary Road”)

Lead Ponies

(“The Reader”)
(“The Road”)
(“Slumdog Millionaire”)

In the Running

(“Body Of Lies”)
("The Dark Knight")
(“The Soloist”)

Dark Horses

(“The Fall”)
(“Miracle At St. Anna”)
(“Then She Found Me”)



(“Happy Go Lucky”)
(“Synecdoche, New York”)
("The Visitor")

Lead Ponies

("Burn After Reading")
(“Nothing But The Truth”)
(“Rachel Getting Married”)
(“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”)

In the Running

(“I’ve Loved You So Long”)
(“Lovely, Still”)
(“The Wackness”)

Dark Horses

(“The Brothers Bloom”)
(“Gran Torino”)
(“Seven Pounds”)

Monday, September 29, 2008


L'Shana Tova! I hope you all have a great holiday (well, if you celebrate it like i do...).

So anyways, in honor of Rosh Hashanah, I came across this article just a few minutes ago that I thought was pretty funny. In the style of David Letterman, here are The Top Ten Rosh Hashanah Pick-Up Lines! Now some are funny and some are ok, but you are really going to get these jokes if you are jewish... So here they are:

10. Today must be Yom Hazikaron cause I'll never forget the day we met.

9. You are a 10 on my scale of judgement.

8. I need to make a Shechianu--cause dang--you are my new fruit.

7. The only book I need opened today is my little black book, of life.

6. When I see you I fall to my knees like bowing at Alienu

5. Our New Year Resolutions should be "Haari At Mikudeshet"

4. Are you a Pomegrante? cause you just left a stain on my heart

3. Is your dad a baker? Cause you got the roundest challahs in town!

2. Lets skip the apples, and get straight to the honey.

1. You had me at Malchios

And some other pick-up lines that some people added in the comment boxes at the bottom that I just couldn't resist posting:

-Do I make you horn-y?
-Is that a tekia gedola in your pants or are you just glad to see me?
-Lets put our broken shvarim together and make a tekia together.
-Care to go Honey-Dipping?
-I just proclaimed God as the King of Kings. Can I make you my Queen of Queens?
-Are you a Shofar? Cause man you blow me away
-Are you a Shofar? Cause wow, you got some amazing curves
-Are you a Shofar? Cause I dont mean to toot your horn but you are hot!


She's Back!

Sarah Palin is back! Well, at least Tina Fey's version! Last saturday night (of course the one night I have to miss SNL and forget to Tivo it), Fey reprised her role as Palin and Poehler not as Hillary Clinton but as Katie Couric.

Though this is still funny, I loved the "Can I use a lifeline?" line, but the original Palin/Clinton sketch was better. But still, check it out!

Now, is it possible for Tina Fey to get another Emmy nomination for SNL for playing Sarah Palin? I heard of possibly having SNL hosts be campaigned for Guest Actor/Actress for next year, but with SNL cast members being placed in the Supporting catagories at the Emmys, and with the example of Tina Fey getting nominated in the Individual Performance category for her hosting stint on SNL, WHERE WILL SHE BE PLACED?

Honestly, I would say the Guest Actress spot would be a very good place for NBC to campaign Fey in for her few skits (and hopefully more) playing Palin, but could she in fact be considered in supporting, or even individual performance?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Back!

Hey Guys, sorry I haven't been able to blog in the past couple of days. I don't think I have ever been this busy in my life, but right now, it has slowed down a bit and I am able to get get back to blogging!

So to start off again, here are the tidbits of the day:

-Could Dubya really get an Oscar nomination? Of course, lately, it has been wishful thinking for Brolin to get recognized for playing the president, but could he really land a spot in the top 5? According to Politico (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0908/13820.html),

People who have seen the film, and there are not many at this point, have said the most astonishing part of the movie isn’t the storyline, which doesn’t contain any shocking new information. And it’s not the liberties the film takes with reality — like any biopic, it includes invented dialogue, and several lengthy real-life events have been telescoped into a few minutes of screen time. Instead, “W.” watchers say that Brolin has positively nailed Dubya, channeling his very soul in the same way Jamie Foxx inhabited Ray Charles’ skin in “Ray,” Joaquin Phoenix captured Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line” and Jim Carrey became Andy Kaufman’s reincarnation in “Man on the Moon.”

Brolin is said to be so impressive that there has been discussion of using his performance to market the entire picture. “He gives off such an amazing vibe that Lionsgate should promote the movie as a great dramatic piece, instead of hyping it as another Oliver Stone controversy, because that’s going to happen anyway,” said a source close to filmmakers. While viewers have an awareness of Stone that no other
director enjoys, the campaign will be very “Josh-centric,” confirmed a studio insider who requested anonymity.

As a result, expect Lionsgate to move hard for a best actor nomination come Oscar season in order to move more DVDs, with release of the home video version of the film expected to conincide with Academy Awards hoopla early next year.

Stone said he then chose Brolin, who was “not a star” but felt “more rural Americana.” According to the director, Brolin was “scared sh-tless” at the thought of mocking the sitting president — probably because he remembered the grief that his father, James Brolin, went through after playing Ronald Reagan in a CBS TV movie that ultimately got bumped from the network. But the younger Brolin dove into his work, spending hours perfecting his Texas twang and listening to speeches, press conferences and other material to strike a proper tone.

One thing to be grateful about: Unlike Stone’s previous presidential picture about Richard Nixon that ran an interminable 192 minutes (and 212 in the subsequent “director’s cut”), his take on Bush is way more concise. Advance word from the London Film Festival (where the picture will make its European debut) indicates it will clock in at a mere 110 minutes.

-Is anyone else excited for Sasha Baron Cohen's Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt? Yeah, long name... but Cohen recently got arrested for it. Earlier this week, the notorious Cohen managed to somehow get backstage and walk down the catwalk before getting pulled away by security at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada show in Milan. After being bundled away by the Italian police, one officer recalled, "He was actually very funny, and the first thing he said was 'Can I make a phone call', like they do on TV."

Luckily, an Italian film crew captured everything that went on at the show:

-John Foote over at In Contention (http://www.incontention.com/?p=2075) wonders if Kate Winslet is the greatest actress of her generation? I think he is right!

-And speaking about Kate Winslet, Scott Rudin and Harvey Weinstein have finally come to an agreement! The Reader will be released on December 12, 2008 after a long and heated debate between Rudin and Weinstein, and even a rumored bet.

-And while we are still on the topic of the amazing Kate Winslet, Anne Thompson says that Paramount Vantage will officially debut the Revolutionary Road trailer during tonight's broadcast of Mad Men. This is very appropriate because Matthew Weiner, the show's creator, was mostly inspired to create Mad Men after reading Richard Yates's amazing book, Revolutionary Road.

-Will Helen Mirren be the next iconic action star? Mirren will star in John Madden's The Debt. According to Empire Magazine (http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=23323),

Mirren will play a former Mossad agent who, along with two colleagues, fails to capture a Nazi war criminal. They decide to cover their tracks, only for the criminal to resurface thirty years later, prompting Mirren to track him down before the truth can be revealed.

Seems like this could be a doozy of a role for the ever-wonderful Mirren – not only will there be a great deal of soul-searching and self-examination, there should be the chance to see a sixtysomething woman kick arse on the big screen.

To be honest, we should have seen Mirren’s casting coming the minute we discovered that the plot called for two actresses to play the main character – one in her thirties, and the other in her sixties. Quite frankly, there aren’t many actresses around these days who could handle a role like this – and Mirren is at the top of a very short list.

-An in Foreign Language submissions news, China has unusually submitted a documentary for their choice: Dream Weaver: Beijing 2008. It is about the country’s seven years of preparation for last month’s Olympic Games. It was produced by a state-owned company. Israel has submitted the animation flick Waltz With Bashir, which is about the director's attempt to reconstruct lost memories of his -- and the Israeli Army's -- involvement in the massacre of Palestinian civilians by Christian militias during the first Lebanon War in 1982. Waltz recently premiered at Cannes and won the top prize at the Israeli Film Academy Awards. France chose the Cannes winner, The Class, and Germany in a very surprising move chose The Baader Meinhof Complex. Most people thought Germany would choose The Wave, but instead they chose this movie which is about the early years of the RAF.

-And who will be the new Oscar host for this year? I say the amazing Kathy Griffin, but rumor is that Ricky Gervais will be the man! I am a huge fan of Gervais and I think he will make a great host. The Academy has made a statement that they have not chosen a host yet, but apparently some light bulbs were turned on with some execs when Ricky Gervais was telling Steve Carell to "Give me back my Emmy."

I swear, I crack up everytime I see that! Ricky Gervais is brilliant! Last week, after recieving praise, his movie Ghost Town premiered... and flopped at the box office. But hey, that could be like a punchline at the Oscars if he is the host. He has another movie coming out in 2009 called This Side of the Truth, in which he wrote and directed and stars along Jennifer Garner and the amazing Tina Fey.

-And by the way, Ricky Gervais has like the best blog ever! Check it out - http://www.rickygervais.com/thissideofthetruth.php

And now on to my OBSESSION of the week. Now, I just realized that I forgot to do my obsession of the week for last time, so I got two obsessions for you guys.

1. The trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What a great looking trailer!

2. This has nothing to do with movies or tv or anything like that, but just the other day my friend told me about how there is a "secret menu" at Jamba Juice! I've always loved Jamba Juice and was excited when I heard about this "secret menu." She told me that she got one smoothie that was called "White Gummie Bear" and another one called "Pink Star" (which is suppossed to replicate a Pink Starburst - which just so happens to be my favorite flavor). Well, later on in the day, I googled up "secret menu jamba juice," and sure enough I found a few pages relating to this "secret." As I was looking down the list of names of these smoothies, I saw such titles as "Fruity Pebbles," "Skittles," "Wake-Up Call," "Push-Up Pops," "Strawberry Shortcake," "PB+J," "Hello Jesus," "Thank You Jesus," and my personal favorite "Screaming Orgasm" just to name a few on a very long list.

Well anyways, today I decided that I would go to my nearest Jamba Juice and order a "secret menu" item. I ordered the Pink Star. When I ordered it, the guy was like "no problem." And the woman at the check-out station rung me up like normal with a smile and without any questions. But here's the best part. As I was waiting for the smoothie to be made, there were like two people working the blenders there - the guy making my "Pink Star" and another girl. The girl asks the guy, "So, what smoothie are you making?" And the guy responds "Pink Star." And girl is like, "Are you seriously making that?" And they guy is like, "Who cares, it's already in the blender." And he rolled his eyes. Ah, that was great! Pathetic, but great. And it tasted so good too! It was like a Pink Starburst! So if you get a chance, go to your nearest Jamba Juice and order a secret menu item.

Paul Newman - You Will Be Missed

I want to take a moment now to remember a true hollywood legend, and arguably one of our great actors of all time, if not the best - Paul Newman. Paul, you will be missed and you were a great man. I hope you can make everyone up there smile just like you made us smile! My heart and prayers go out to his family, and especially his wife, Joanne Woodward. Rest in peace Paul.

"[I] loved that man with all my heart. He was goodness and kindness and pure integrity. I know he loved his family, his wife, the world and mankind. He was purity of heart. Working with him was such a joy. Knowing him, being his friend, was as golden as the sunset and a privilege I'll never forget. I thank God and feel so honored for that privilege. May he be in God's embrace forever." -- Elizabeth Taylor

"There is a point where feelings go beyond words. I have lost a real friend. My life -- and this country -- is better for his being in it." -- Robert Redford

"It's a great loss, in so many ways. The history of movies without Paul Newman? It's unthinkable. His presence, his beauty, his physical eloquence, the emotional complexity he could conjure up and transmit through his acting in so many movies -- where would we be without him? 'In From the Terrace' or 'The Hustler' or 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' or 'The Verdict' or 'Nobody's Fool,' to name just a few pictures that come to mind, he's more than just iconic. In those movies and in many, many others, he created characters that are lasting and durable. His powerful eloquence, his consummate sense of craft, so consummate that you didn't see any sense of effort up there on the screen, set a new standard. My own experience working with him on 'The Color of Money' was a joy, and my memories of our time together are precious. But in addition to being a great actor, one of the greatest really, he was also such a fine, caring man. I will miss him greatly." -- Martin Scorsese

"He set the bar too high for the rest of us -- not just actors, but all of us. He will be greatly missed." -- George Clooney

"I was blessed to have known him. The world is better because of him. Sometimes God makes perfect people and Paul Newman was one of them." -- Sally Field

"He was my hero." -- Julia Roberts

"His was an important life lived in ways that exemplified what good, caring human values look like in a truly decent human being. In his life and in his work, he was a giver -- and never a taker." -- Sidney Poitier

"Paul Newman was a class act; smart, sexy, generous and kind. He was committed equally to justice and pranks. He was something you don't hear mentioned often these days; a good man. He taught me to appreciate the homegrown tomato, championship badminton and chamber music. He will be missed." -- Susan Sarandon

"Paul was a very fine actor and a really good race driver. But mostly, he personified humanity - always taking care of those who were less fortunate. For me, this will be his legacy." -- David Letterman

"Just look out for each other. That's really what he was all about. He was awesome to the end, and he is an awesome guy and his spirit will be with us forever and ever and ever." -- Lizzy Newman, Paul's daughter.

"Actor, author, screenwriter, director, producer and philanthropist, he was also a great friend of France and fans of motor racing will remember his successive appearances at the Le Mans 24-hour race." - President Nicolas Sarkozy of France

"[His death is] a blow. When such important personalities die, one despairs and thinks that, little by little, all the greats are disappearing." -- Sophia Loren

"He was one of the greatest screen actors of all time and a beautiful man." - Daniel Craig

"[Paul was a] dear human being. He busied himself with the professional rather than with PR. His main motto was, 'If you do not exploit your success in order to improve things in the world, then you are really wasting it'." - Haim Topol

Thursday, September 25, 2008

WOAH! The two new posters for Synechdoche, New York and Valkyrie

What an unbelievable poster for Synecdoche, New York. It truly looks amazing!

And on to the Valkyrie poster, which looks, well, COOL! There I said it people! Maybe this movie won't be so bad after all... or maybe the only good thing about this movie is the poster...