Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ok, I'm Calling This Now!

Here is my outlandish statement/prediction that I am predicting right now (and I bet I'm the first):

I think Tina Fey will get an Oscar nomination next year. Say what? Yup, you heard me right. She will be co-starring in This Side of the Truth alongside Ricky Gervais (and Jennifer Garner), but I am calling this one now, I think she will get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

"Academy Award-nominee Tina Fey." It has a nice sound to it!

And here is my other outlandish prediction, This Side of the Truth will be the "Comedy pick" for that year, and the surprise one too (kinda like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine... you get the point). So, say what you will right now, but when this happens, just know that I was the [first] one who predicted it! (Or maybe it'll might bite me in the ass later on, but oh well...).

Oh and by the way,

This Side of the Truth is set in a world in which the concept of lying doesn't exist; and the story centers on a loser (Gervais) who changes his lot when he invents lying and uses it to get ahead.


jameslfc11 said...

i cant wait for this film, gervais is a comic legend. i also cant wait for his upcoming movie "men from the pru" which he's co writting with that bloke you sometime's see behind gervais at an awards do(steve merchant). oh yeah, karl pilkington has a head like a f**cking orange.

mr_griffith said...

Well what can one say? Ricky Gervais, you clever b***ard. The blokes always coming up with something original and successful - and we all admire that. It brings me joy to introduce people to all the podcasts/office & extras if they haven't heard or seen them already. How can anyone not have seen these yet? Mental...Ricky & Steve - excellent.

Chris Pople said...

Karl Pilkington has a perfectly spherical head

))8(( said...

Ricky Gervais is the best thing since Rowan Atkinson. I could spend a day watching him watching paint dry.
I think he may be God.

Matt Sanderson said...

I'd even go so far as saying it will win too - why not? The Office and Extras were so lamented that it would be odd that a film co-written and co-directed by him would be any different.