Monday, September 29, 2008


L'Shana Tova! I hope you all have a great holiday (well, if you celebrate it like i do...).

So anyways, in honor of Rosh Hashanah, I came across this article just a few minutes ago that I thought was pretty funny. In the style of David Letterman, here are The Top Ten Rosh Hashanah Pick-Up Lines! Now some are funny and some are ok, but you are really going to get these jokes if you are jewish... So here they are:

10. Today must be Yom Hazikaron cause I'll never forget the day we met.

9. You are a 10 on my scale of judgement.

8. I need to make a Shechianu--cause dang--you are my new fruit.

7. The only book I need opened today is my little black book, of life.

6. When I see you I fall to my knees like bowing at Alienu

5. Our New Year Resolutions should be "Haari At Mikudeshet"

4. Are you a Pomegrante? cause you just left a stain on my heart

3. Is your dad a baker? Cause you got the roundest challahs in town!

2. Lets skip the apples, and get straight to the honey.

1. You had me at Malchios

And some other pick-up lines that some people added in the comment boxes at the bottom that I just couldn't resist posting:

-Do I make you horn-y?
-Is that a tekia gedola in your pants or are you just glad to see me?
-Lets put our broken shvarim together and make a tekia together.
-Care to go Honey-Dipping?
-I just proclaimed God as the King of Kings. Can I make you my Queen of Queens?
-Are you a Shofar? Cause man you blow me away
-Are you a Shofar? Cause wow, you got some amazing curves
-Are you a Shofar? Cause I dont mean to toot your horn but you are hot!

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