Monday, September 29, 2008

She's Back!

Sarah Palin is back! Well, at least Tina Fey's version! Last saturday night (of course the one night I have to miss SNL and forget to Tivo it), Fey reprised her role as Palin and Poehler not as Hillary Clinton but as Katie Couric.

Though this is still funny, I loved the "Can I use a lifeline?" line, but the original Palin/Clinton sketch was better. But still, check it out!

Now, is it possible for Tina Fey to get another Emmy nomination for SNL for playing Sarah Palin? I heard of possibly having SNL hosts be campaigned for Guest Actor/Actress for next year, but with SNL cast members being placed in the Supporting catagories at the Emmys, and with the example of Tina Fey getting nominated in the Individual Performance category for her hosting stint on SNL, WHERE WILL SHE BE PLACED?

Honestly, I would say the Guest Actress spot would be a very good place for NBC to campaign Fey in for her few skits (and hopefully more) playing Palin, but could she in fact be considered in supporting, or even individual performance?

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