Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can we just give the Emmy to Chandra Wilson now please?

With the Emmys coming up very soon, I figured that I would mention a few nominees until the Emmys.

And let's start off with Chandra Wilson. She submitted "Lay Your Hand On Me," which in my opinion, minus the giving birth episode, was her best episodes in a while. She recently recieved her well-deserved 3rd nomination for her role on Dr. Bailey in Grey's Anatomy.

In her episode, it focuses on her problems in her marriage and how her devotion to work is ruining her relationship with her husband. Well, as Dr. Bailey is at work at Seattle Grace Hospital, her husband has been calling her and calling her, and finally after recieving a page, she finds out right there and then that he has been calling about her son, Tuck, after a bookshelf fell on him while the baby gate was open.

Her raw emotion is so real that it makes you cry and it makes you feel like "What if I were in that situation?..." Wilson is long overdue for the Emmy, and now is the perfect time to give it to her. Her performance in this episode is just unbelievable and it really shows how great Ms. Wilson is as an actor. This episode definetly showed a different side of Dr. Bailey as well as Chandra Wilson's wide range of acting, and easily making her scenes in this episode some of the best of the entire TV season.

Griffiths, Oh, Weist, and Bergen can't even compare to how great Wilson is. To see if Chandra Wilson finally wins that well-deserved Emmy, the Emmy Awards will be presented Sunday, September 21 on ABC.

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