Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh my god, I am so excited!

I can't believe it! My most anticipated movie of the year, Revolutionary Road, trailer will be premiering on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow night on the show. Finally! I am so excited. I was just watching ET and I was extremely surprised when they showed a little like 15 second preview of RR to advertise that they will be premiering the trailer tomorrow night, and I have to say, in just those 15 seconds, the movie looks amazing! I am actually currently reading the book right now, and Richard Yates is just a brilliant author, and it's a very tricky book to adapt for the screen, I will admit, but I have such high hopes for this movie! I think Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio will be amazing in their roles and Sam Mendes will once again make a masterpiece that we will always remember! Well anyways, I bet all that I will be thinking about tomorrow is "I can't wait to see the RR trailer!" Ah, I am so excited!

And also if you are interested, here is the official logo for RR:

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