Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Tidbits For Today!

-Well, the trailer for Milk came out today. I have to admit, it was much better than I thought it was going to be, though I'm not sure if it will be a major Best Picture contender, though it will be one to look after. Sean Penn looked very good in it, but I will still have my eye out on Josh Brolin and James Franco for supporting nods... Check out the trailer below and make your own decision on what you think of it:

-Also, the hilarious trailer for Kevin Smith's Zack And Miri Make A Porno came out as well. It stars Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.

-According to the Hollywood Reporter, fresh off coming from the Telluride Film Festival making it's way to the Toronto Film Festival next week, Slumdog Millionaire, which has gained a tremondous amount of Oscar buzz from the festival, has been announced as the closing night film for the London Film Festival. Frost/Nixon will be opening the London Film Festival.

-And talking about Slumdog Millionaire, here is the first clip released for the movie -

And my OBSESSION of the week: Francesco Vezzoli. Over at The Film Experience blog, blogger Nathaniel mentioned today about a short-film called "Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula" that he just recently saw by Vezzoli. Well, not interesting yet? Well it will get very interesting now! It stars Helen Mirren, Gerard Butler, Benicio Del Toro, Milla Jovovich, Karen Black, and Courtney Love. But oh wait, there is much more! Just watch the faux trailer (which is the short film by the way) and see what I mean. And also, it is very NSFW, so please, watch at your own risk... But it is kind of funny to see major movie stars like Mirren and Butler and Del Toro be apart of something like this!

You can watch "Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula" here -

*Not only is "Caligulia" meant to be a spoof, but it is also meant to return ownership of Caligula to its original screenplay writer, Gore Vidal, who distanced himself from the project after major disagreements with producer Bob Guccione and others. Not only is Vidal’s name restored to the title, but he also introduces the "trailer."

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