Monday, September 1, 2008


After looking on Box Office, I noticed that College, the movie that just came out this weekend, recieved $2,105,000 with a very wide release of 2,123 theaters. While it was towards the bottom of the list for this weekend, I noticed that College is now on the list for "Worst Openings at the Box Office for a Very Wide Release (2,000+)." Not only that, but College is at Number 3 on the list, only being beaten out by Major League: Back To The Minors (a comedy that came out in 1998) and P2 (a horror movie that came out last year).

Yeah, we knew this movie was going to flop, but I don't think we knew it was going to flop this badly! College stars Drake Bell (From Nickelodeon's hit show Drake And Josh) and Kevin Covais (The next American Idol contestant trying to make their way to movies) and is about a wild weekend for these high school seniors who visit a local college as "incoming freshmen."

Even in College's advertising, they had the guts to compare themselves to Animal House, American Pie, and Old School. And if you look on the website, they have a "build your own fake i.d." Sound familiar? Cough...I am McLovin...Cough...

So, yes, we knew it was going to flop, but next time studios (MGM, yes you), don't compare your movie to a classic movie like Animal House or American Pie or Old School when its not and then say "from the producers of Waiting" and then try and target it to college students when technically it is really about high school students because it'll bite you right in the ass again... like it is now... And also, I think it is too soon for a remake of Superbad... dont'cha think so too! Save your money and make a better movie that people will actually want to see!

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