Monday, September 22, 2008

My Emmys Rundown...

Well I just have to say, ABC knows how to put on a good show! I loved the stage, and I think the show was very successful overall, yes even with the 5 hosts... (even though the opening bit was terrible and annoying...) though I would have much preferred if it was someone like Kathy Griffin...

But this was definetly classic emmy - the shockers and the snubs. Here's one thing that I've noticed about predicting who's gonna win at the Emmys as oppossed to the Oscars. With the Oscars, most of the time (well at least recently), you can get an idea of who will come out as the winner. But not with the emmys... Jean Smart, Zelijko Ivanek, Bryan Cranston, Tim Conway, Dianne Weist, Glynn Turman... It was the night of surprises. But I have to say, I am very happy for Mad Men! I am so glad that they won Best Drama Series! Truly deserved, and I'm glad that they made history by being the first basic cable show to win! But what a night for AMC, Cranston is almighty over Hamm... What a shocker there! I really thought it was between Hamm and Spader... Also, I am very happy for Tina Fey and her 3 deserved emmys! Way to go Tina! And when will Steve Carell ever win an emmy... Please let it be next year... And the biggest crime of the night - Wiest stealing the emmy from Wilson. Wilson's episode was the most heartbreaking performance in my mind of that year. Wilson truly deserved that emmy, and I really hope that she will have another chance! But what a crime! What a damn crime... (que: nods head down in shame...) It would have been nice to see Laura Dern or Ashley Jensen win, but of course they had to choose Eileen Atkins... And though I like Jean Smart on Samantha Who, what a surprise! I really thought Poehler was going to win... I am also very happy for Tom Wilkinson! He was so outstanding in John Adams as Ben Frankin! Truly a great performance to remember for a long time! Well deserved, but I wish he was there! When will Kyra Sedgwick ever win? When? When? When?

And who ever knew Josh Groban had that much range? Doing South Park impressions... lol. That was very very interesting. But the best part of the night was when Rickles and Griffin presented. Two great comedians and just absolutely hilarious! Can they do those American Express commercials too like Tina Fey and Martin Scorsese do? And also Ricky Gervais's bit! "Give me my emmy!" That was great. I couldn't stop cracking up! So funny! Gervais and Carell are great!

And also it was very nice to see such a great tribute to tv history in the past 60 years. They could have done much more, but they made it simple and sweet, but the message lasted throughout the entire show. It was really great seeing Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Lily Tomlin, Ed McMahon, Tommy Smothers, and of course Don Rickles... It was very nice.

Well anyways, I think the show was a success! And though I wish some of the winners would have been different, at least overall it was a much better show (cough...last year...cough).

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